Press releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) announced today that he will file legislation after recess to ban the immediate family members of senior U.S. political officials from profiting in Ukraine.

Specifically, his bill will ban an immediate family member of a member of the Senate, the House, the president’s cabinet, the vice president and/or the president from serving as a consultant, employee, independent contractor or board member for or owning 5% or more in any entity doing business in or with Ukraine.  Immediate family members include parents, siblings and children.

The Ukraine government is historically corrupt, which is one way Russia exerts influence there,” said Sen. Kennedy.  “It is hard to know who to believe or trust, though I hope President Zelensky will chart a new, more ethical course.   Senior members of our government should not be a part of, or seen to be a part of, this conduct.  That hurts America, and it hurts the good people of Ukraine with whom the American people stand.  My bill will remove any appearance of impropriety or potential conflict of interest for any immediate family member of a senior United States official.  The best way to resist temptation is a proper upbringing, a strong set of values and tough laws.”