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WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today introduced the Empowering Immigration Courts Act, the Terrorist Deportation Act, the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act and the Criminal Alien Removal Clarification Act to empower immigration courts and make dangerous aliens deportable. 

“The Biden administration’s reckless policies are openly inviting gangs and cartels to flock to the border, so it’s more urgent than ever that we ensure dangerous people can’t find cover in American communities. When common sense is anything but common, these bills would make alien terrorists, gang members and other criminals subject to deportation. Families and children deserve to know that their leaders aren’t turning a blind eye to predators and lawbreakers who found their way onto U.S. soil,” Kennedy said.

The Empowering Immigration Courts Act would authorize immigration judges to impose a fine for contempt of court that is the same amount, $1,000, as the fine written in the criminal code. 

The Terrorist Deportation Act would make any immigrant identified in the terrorist screening database, with the exception of permanent residents, deportable. 

The Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act would make any immigrant who is a member of a criminal gang or has participated in gang activities deportable.

The Criminal Alien Removal Clarification Act would make any immigrant who has committed a felony or two misdemeanors deportable. Current law only includes certain felonies, such as aggravated felonies, and other specific crimes. 

Text of the Empowering Immigration Courts Act is available here

Text of the Terrorist Deportation Act is available here

Text of the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act is available here

Text of the Criminal Alien Removal Clarification Act is available here.