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Watch Kennedy’s comments here.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) called for Congress to support his effort to install a Special Inspector General (IG) to monitor American aid to Ukraine during a speech on the Senate floor.

Kennedy explained that the United States does not currently have a dedicated IG focused exclusively on accountability for Ukraine and argued that the American people deserve the highest level of oversight and accountability on their aid to the country as it fights Russian aggression.

Key comments from Kennedy’s remarks include:

“One thing—regardless of what you think about Ukraine—I think we can all agree on is that we have to watch that money like a hawk. We cannot allow it to be stolen. We cannot allow it to be wasted. . . . Nothing in this world makes it easier to resist temptation than a proper upbringing, a strong set of values and witnesses. We need more witnesses.” 

. . .

“Just like we did in Afghanistan, we need one Inspector General—one woman or man—that we can hold responsible. Appointed by the president. Confirmed by the United States Senate. The Inspector General at the Department of Defense and the Inspector General of the State Department and the Inspector General of USAID can work under the people's Inspector General, under Sen. [Kyrsten] Sinema and I’s bill.

“We need one person to hold accountable, just like we did in Afghanistan. The American people—regardless of how they feel about funding in Ukraine—and members of the United States Senate—regardless of how they feel about the war in Ukraine—surely, we can agree that we will all rest easily, or at least easier, if we follow the money.”


  • On Sept. 21, 2023, the Chair of the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency announced the selection of Robert Storch to be the Lead IG for Ukraine. Storch already serves as the IG for the Department of Defense, a role he must continue while trying to provide oversight in Ukraine. 
  • Kennedy’s bill would establish a Special IG for Ukraine with its own resources and staff that are independent of the Department of Defense or any other agency, unlike the current Lead IG.
  • Kennedy noted that Congress previously established a Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction which proved to be an effective means of identifying corruption in Afghanistan. The Special IG for Afghanistan Reconstruction said installing a Special IG in Ukraine “would send a clear message—to Ukrainians, to bad contractors, to the U.S. government itself, to all the U.S. agencies—that we really take oversight seriously.”

Kennedy’s full remarks are available here.