Press releases

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today introduced the Independent and Objective Oversight of Ukrainian Assistance Act to establish a Special Inspector General (IG) for Ukraine. The Special IG would oversee the humanitarian, economic and security assistance funding that the U.S. Congress has provided to the country, and make sure that the funds are appropriately spent.

Kennedy is introducing the bill as Congress considers nearly $40 billion in additional supplemental aid to the European nation. The U.S. has already provided $13.6 billion in emergency assistance to Ukraine. 

“The Ukrainian people have defended their country’s sovereignty with bravery and grit. Congress has already supported their fight against Putin’s war of aggression with billions and billions of dollars in aid and military equipment. American taxpayers deserve to know that their money is helping Ukraine beat back Russia effectively, and Congress needs to guarantee that oversight,” said Kennedy.  

Kennedy’s bill would equip the Special IG for Ukraine with $20 million from the money that Congress has already provided in Ukraine aid. That $20 million represents less than 0.04% of the more than $50 billion in supplemental aid that has been or may be sent to Ukraine.

In order to prevent expanding bureaucracy indefinitely, the bill also includes a termination clause to end the Special IG role once U.S. taxpayer spending for Ukraine drops below $250 million per year. 

The text of the bill is available here.