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Dear friends:

I had the honor of meeting with the Reverends William Harnsberry, Harry Richard, Gerald Toussaint and Henry Comeaux, the leaders of St. Landry Parish churches that were burned to the ground in an act of racism and religious hatred.  These men have demonstrated incredible strength and unwavering faith.  I was encouraged and humbled by their stories. They have turned darkness into light and have demonstrated love in the face of hatred.

I recently spoke on the U.S. Senate floor about how frustratingly little Congress has done lately.  We need to start passing bipartisan legislation on issues that matter to American families — lowering the cost of prescription drugs, reforming health care and protecting our data.  We have a lot of work to do in the Senate, but I’m encouraged by recent bipartisan legislation we have passed.

Cracking Down on Robocalls 

Last year Americans received nearly 26 billion robocalls, a quarter of which were illegal.  I cosponsored the TRACED Act, which gives the FCC more authority and resources to catch and punish scammers who are flagrantly ignoring the law. This legislation also pushes carriers to use call authentication technology to intercept robocalls before they reach our phones.  Telemarketers are tricking you into answering their calls by pretending they’re calling from a local number.  I’m pleased that the Senate overwhelmingly passed the TRACED Act to stop robocall scams. Click here or the photo below to watch my floor speech on passing legislation in the Senate.


Chairing FSGG Subcommittee 

I am honored to serve Louisianans as the chairman of the Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee.  In May, I chaired my first three subcommittee hearings to question the heads of several departments that fall within the subcommittee’s oversight, including FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on robocall scams.  Click here or the photo below to watch the hearing with Chairman Pai.


Touring Louisiana LNG Facility with President Trump 

Last month, I accompanied President Trump to Cameron Parish for a tour of Sempra Energy’s LNG project.  Louisiana is a leader in the energy industry, and President Trump recognizes our state’s contributions to the American economy.  I was also able to talk with the president about improving the I-10 bridge, and he assured me that it would be a priority in the future.


Addressing Drug Addiction Crisis in Louisiana: 

Last year, Louisiana lost more people to opioid deaths than to car accidents.  Jim Carroll, director of the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy, joined me in Louisiana to meet with those working on the front lines of the drug addiction crisis. It was great to hear first-hand what is being done to combat the crisis and gaps that need to be filled.  I appreciate Jim for taking the time to visit with the folks in Louisiana.  Click here or the photo below for a recap of the event.


Senator Sightings 

I had the honor of meeting with Reverends William Harnsberry, Harry Richard, Gerald Toussaint and Henry Comeaux, the leaders of churches that were burned to the ground in St. Landry Parish. I’m inspired by their great strength and kindness.  

I was honored to receive an award from the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute last month for my support of equipment manufacturers.  I look forward to continue working with them in the future. 

I had a great meeting with country music artist RaeLynn and members of the Nashville Songwriters Association.  We discussed the CASE Act and the importance of copyright protection for smaller artists and creators. 

AbilityOne provides jobs for people with disabilities, and I was honored to receive the AbilityOne Champion Award presented by the Louisiana Association for the Blind. I appreciate the work of both AbilityOne and the Louisiana Association for the Blind helping people with disabilities gain more independence and lead successful careers.

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