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WASHINGTON — Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today explained on the Senate floor that it would be unprecedented for the Senate to dismiss the impeachment charges the House has leveled against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas without holding a full, fair trial.

Key excerpts from Kennedy’s speech are below:

“In its first article of impeachment, the House alleges that Secretary Mayorkas has, quote, ‘willfully and systematically refused to comply with federal immigration law.’ The House says that Secretary Mayorkas has refused to detain some illegal Immigrants, as the law requires him to do, and has instead embraced his own catch-and-release scheme in which he has released huge numbers—I think any fair-minded American would call 8.6 million people huge—huge numbers of illegal immigrants into the United States.

“The House says that Secretary Mayorkas has refused to follow unambiguous and clear federal laws that require him to detain illegal immigrants who are subject to deportation for engaging in criminal or terrorism-related behavior. The House says that Secretary Mayorkas has failed to make case-by-case parole determinations, which the law clearly requires—clearly—and, instead, he has—on his own—he has paroled millions of people illegally into the United States en masse.

“In its second article of impeachment, the House alleges that Secretary Mayorkas has breached the public’s trust in two respects: by knowingly making false statements to Congress that the border is, quote, ‘secure,’ and that the Department of Homeland Security has, quote, ‘operational control’ of the border, and by failing to comply with subpoenas issued by congressional committees seeking to exercise oversight over DHS activities.”

. . .

“Any fair-minded person can see that these are serious charges, and they demand a full trial.”

 . . .

“The Senate must let the House present its case, and then we must do our job and give that case careful consideration.

“If the Senate dismisses these charges without a trial, as if it’s just a parking ticket being fixed by some politician, it will be the first time—the very first time—in the Senate's long history that it has dismissed impeachment charges against an official it has jurisdiction over without that official first resigning.”

. . .

“The United States Senate cannot and should not turn a deaf ear to the democratically elected members of the United States House of Representatives by dismissing their charges against Secretary Mayorkas without a full and fair trial.

Precedent demands a trial. . . . Respect for the House of Representatives demands a trial. . . . Respect for the law, Mr. President, demands a trial . . . and the American people demand a trial, and they deserve it. The United States Senate should do its job.”

View Kennedy’s full speech here.