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Watch Kennedy’s comments here.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today criticized the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) for proposing lower graduation standards for high school students in Louisiana. Under the new standards, students would be eligible to graduate even if they fail the state’s Graduate Exit Exam several times. 

Key comments from Kennedy’s remarks include:

“This is a massive step back. This is an announcement to the rest of America that Louisiana has given up, that our kids are not smart enough, they’re not good enough—even when we give them second or third chances to be able to get a ‘D’ on the Graduate Exit Examination. As a result, we have got to give them a special extra points project so they can get a diploma that’s not really a diploma.

“The people behind this ought to hide their heads in a bag. Our kids are better than that. Every one of my kids in Louisiana can learn. Sometimes they need a little bit longer, but it’s not going to do them any good to give them a diploma that they can’t read.”

. . .

“This rule change is going in front of the Louisiana legislature for an oversight hearing in the Senate Education Committee and the House Education Committee. I hope that either the Senate or the House—and hopefully both—will say no.”

Kennedy’s full remarks are available here.