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Watch Kennedy’s exchange here.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today recognized journalist Kim Holden’s 34-year career at New Orleans’ FOX 8 on the Senate floor.

Below are key excerpts from his remarks:

“Kim . . . is Louisiana through and through. She is what most of us would call a star-spangled professional.”

. . .

“It’s a very unique thing, as you know Mr. President, in television to work your entire career in one place—particularly in your hometown. Most journalists move from city to city. Not Kim. She loves New Orleans, and New Orleans loves her back.” 

. . .

“Throughout her career at Fox 8 news . . . Kim has covered everything from the COVID-19 pandemic, to hurricanes—including Hurricane Katrina—to the New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl.” 

. . .

“I just wanted to recognize Kim Holden today, and to thank her for giving so much to the profession of journalism, and to thank her for giving so much to my state, Louisiana. And I wish her the best in her next chapter.” 

View Kennedy’s complete remarks here.