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WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today wrote to Wells Fargo Chief Executive Officer Charles Scharf, urging him to respond to the Hammock Water System so that the system can begin construction in Central Louisiana. The new project has stalled since this January because Wells Fargo has not finalized the water system’s purchase of land for the new facilities. 

“The taxpayers in these communities have financed the new water system with the promise it would be built, and so far, that promise has not been kept. . . . Wells Fargo has failed to respond to the water system’s request to purchase a partial release of land adjacent to the existing facilities necessary to replace the water system, instead requesting additional appraisals despite the most recent appraisal occurrence in June. Such delays are completely unacceptable and have impacted families' access to running water—which most recently lasted over 48 hours,” wrote Kennedy.

While Wells Fargo delays action, deteriorated water infrastructure is contributing to high levels of arsenic in water supplies around Hineston, Lacamp and Leander, La. 

“The families whom Hammock Water System serve have the right to a clean, uninterrupted, hazard-free water supply, and without further delay. . . . Because of the serious nature of this concern and as a matter of public health, I demand Wells Fargo promptly address this issue,” Kennedy concluded.

Kennedy’s letter is available here