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Watch Kennedy’s comments here.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) joined colleagues to explain the danger the Biden administration’s energy plan poses to Louisiana’s economy, America’s national security and the world’s climate. The senators also outlined conservatives’ approach to energy policy, which focuses on economic growth and energy diversity.

Below are key excerpts from Kennedy’s remarks.

I’m pretty much an all-of-the-above energy type of guy. I support wind. I support solar. I support thermal. I support hydrogen. Unlike many of my Democratic colleagues, I support nuclear—particularly the new, small modular reactors—but I also support oil and gas.”

“As best I can tell, [President Biden] wants us at some undetermined time in the future to be able to produce our energy without nuclear, without oil and without natural gas—and certainly without coal. He doesn’t really explain how we’re going to get from where we are today to that future that he envisions, which is why you're seeing the disruptions in the energy supply throughout the world.”

Short-term, as best I can tell, President Biden and Secretary Kerry’s plan is, ‘Let’s don't produce our own fossil fields.’ Even though the American economy, the greatest economy in all of human history, gets 80% of its energy from fossil fuels, [President Biden] wants to end that abruptly. He doesn’t want us to produce our own fossil fuels. He wants us to buy natural gas and oil from other countries, and basically give countries that hate us more money, so they’ll have weapons—they can buy weapons—to try to kill us. And that didn’t make any sense to me. And it doesn’t make any sense to the American people.”

“I see, and I think these colleagues of mine see, the changes in our climate as a discrete scientific problem, unlike President Biden and Secretary Kerry and the other Trotsky-like Wokers. They see climate change as a religion, and you can’t talk about it unless you follow their dogma. . . . And it’s not popular with the American people. And it’s not going to solve the problems that we face in terms of the changes that are taking place in our climate.”

Video of the speech is available here.