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WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today sent a letter asking Louisiana Department of Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson to collect unpaid state income taxes from former State Police Supt. Mike Edmonson for the fringe benefits he received while serving as a cabinet secretary.

Text of the letter:       

December 13, 2017


The Honorable Kimberly Robinson


Louisiana Department of Revenue

617 North Third St.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802


By email, fax, and U.S. mail


Dear Secretary Robinson:


I am requesting that you collect unpaid state income taxes from former State Police Supt. Mike Edmonson.  It is clear from the draft of the state Legislative Auditor's Office report obtained by news media that Col. Edmonson received taxpayer-funded perks that constituted taxable income.  The perks included free housing, utilities, cable television, electricity, dry cleaning, and meals.  These are fringe benefits, and Col. Edmonson should have calculated their fair market value and reported them as taxable income.  

Col. Edmonson is not above the law merely because he was a member of Gov. Edwards' cabinet.  In fact, he took on an added responsibility as a public servant to conduct himself with honor and honesty.  He also cannot be allowed to shirk his tax obligations when Louisiana families and businesses are struggling with a higher tax burden.

As you know, the Edwards administration convinced the Legislature to raise well over $1 billion in new taxes and fees last year, and Governor Edwards asked for another tax increase this year, all at a time when our oil and gas industry is in a depression and we have one of the highest unemployment rates in America.  The least you can do is demand that his cabinet appointees pay their taxes.





                                                                        John Kennedy

                                                                        United States Senator