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Watch Kennedy’s full remarks here.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today argued that the lasting inflation driven by President Biden’s “Bidenomics” is a “cancer” on the people of Louisiana during a speech on the Senate floor. Kennedy noted that the average Louisiana family pays an additional $757 each month—$9,084 per year—because of inflation. 

“Bidenomics, to most fair-minded Americans, is bigger government. Bidenomics is higher taxes. Bidenomics is more regulation. Bidenomics is more spending. Bidenomics is more debt,” Kennedy said. 

“Bidenomics is also inflation. Let me say that again: First and foremost, Bidenomics is inflation. President Biden's inflation—history, I believe, will demonstrate this—is a cancer on the American dream,” he continued.

To offer some relief, Kennedy urged people in Louisiana to check on whether they have unclaimed tax refunds due to them.  Kennedy noted that the Louisiana Department of Revenue is sitting on $11,574,249 in unclaimed tax refunds. The department recently sent letters to more than 15,000 Louisianians who are owed refunds. He urged those who received a letter to visit the Department of Revenue’s website to get the money they are owed.

Kennedy also encouraged Louisianians to confirm that they received their federal tax refund from the Internal Revenue Service, too, by visiting

“A lot of people—not just Louisianians, all across America—forget to claim their state income tax refund and/or their federal income tax refund,” Kennedy said.

“So, I hope you'll take advantage of this information—not just in Louisiana, but all across America—and go claim your tax refunds if you’re owed them,” Kennedy concluded.

Kennedy’s full remarks are available here.