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Watch Kennedy’s full speech here.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today spoke on the Senate floor to condemn the Chinese Communist Party’s recent aggression toward the United States and our allies. He warned China that it would be a mistake to close lines of communication with the United States and called on Chinese leaders to start acting like responsible members of the global community.

Key excerpts of Kennedy’s speech are below:

“The United States and China should talk. The United States wants to, but the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party—the CCP—does not.”

. . .

“Talking does not show weakness. It shows strength. It shows confidence. America is confident. In refusing to talk, the Chinese Communist Party and its insecurities are loud.”

. . .

“All we want and all the world wants is for China to stop poisoning our children with fentanyl. Stop it.

“All we want and all the world wants is for China to end its debt-trap diplomacy through its Belt and Road Initiative and other loan schemes.

“All we want and all the world wants is for China to cease using its economic power to bully other sovereign countries—like Australia, like Lithuania—when those countries offer an opinion the Communist Party of China doesn't like.

“All we want and all the world wants, Madam President, is for China to tell us the truth—the truth about how the COVID virus started—or at least work with us and other countries so we can find out.”

. . .

“The advantages are and ought to be obvious. Why should we talk? To avoid military conflict? It's a pretty good start. To avoid miscalculation: The more silencer is between us, the more Beijing underestimates American strength.

“Why should we talk? To limit the risk of accidental confrontation. To pursue bilateral détente. Because our economies are interwoven. Because our economies are stronger together if everyone plays by the rules.”

 . . .

“If China cares about the world and if the people of China care about how the world sees China—and both do—China will reengage with the world, including the United States of America, not shirk from it.”

. . .

“Frankly, Madam President, China has the most to gain given the deterioration of its reputation, but it's entirely up to China.

“America, we've done our part, Madam President. And the United States will continue to do its part. We want to talk. We are confident. But lately, China's insecurities are loud.”

Kennedy’s full speech is available here.