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Sen. John Kennedy speaking on the Senate floor

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today delivered a speech on the Senate floor honoring Pat Shingleton, who announced his retirement after reporting the weather for more than 40 years for WBRZ, Channel 2.

Shingleton’s experience includes hosting We Play Baton Rouge, a local game show, The Fifth Quarter, a sports show, and Hotline After Dark, a local talk show. He is a longtime contributor to the community, serving as chairman of WBRZ’s program, Pat’s Coats for Kids, which delivers winter coats for needy children. Shingleton also started the Fill a Prescription for the Needy Project, as well as Baton Rouge’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Wearin’ of the Green.

“Now, when asked about his retirement, Pat said—and I’m going to quote—‘I think we’re all given a whole bunch of heartbeats’—we’re all given a whole bunch of heartbeats, Pat said—‘and God gives us these heartbeats to do something good.’ What an elegant way of putting it. 

“Pat’s used his heartbeats pretty well, in my judgment—he’s got a lot more to go. But he’s done it for the good of our state, for the good of the Baton Rouge metropolitan community, and he’s done it in the newsroom, and he’s done it outside the newsroom,” said Kennedy.

“Pat, thank you—thank you for your hard work for the people of Baton Rouge. Thank you for your giving so much to the people of Louisiana for all of these 45 years. You’re a good person, and you’re a fine American. God bless you and your family,” Kennedy concluded.

Video of the speech is available here.