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View Kennedy’s floor speech here.

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) condemned the Biden administration and the Department of Energy for their proposed rule on dishwashers today in a speech on the Senate floor. The new regulation could make dishwashers more expensive and less effective—all to the benefit of the Chinese manufacturers that produce the majority of all new dishwashers. 

“I want clean air. I want bright water. We all do. But this new proposed rule by the Department of Energy is not going to help anything or anybody. It's only going to make the American people have to spend more money on less efficient machines. The costs dramatically outweigh the benefit,” Kennedy said.

“In the past few months, the Biden administration has proposed new regulations for electric motors, for beverage vending machines, for microwaves, for ovens, for refrigerators, for furnaces, for air conditioners, for lightbulbs,” he later added. “In fact, the Biden administration added more than 110 regulations since being in office on appliances and equipment during past two years. For most of these policies, if you weigh the costs and the benefits, it makes no sense. Not in terms of CO2 emissions. Not in terms of energy savings. Not in terms of water savings. And certainly not in terms of the pocketbook of the American people.”

“President Biden and his administration are saddling Americans with harmful, maybe even hateful, regulations because they care more about what the activists say on TikTok than they do about the quiet suffering of everyday families in America and all over this country,” Kennedy concluded.

“They have a blind spot for the lives and concerns of ordinary Americans. And it's why this administration is more worried about dishwashers and gas stoves than the fact that the average Louisiana family is paying $740 more a monthnot a yearbecause of inflation,” he said.

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