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WASHINGTON – The Senate has passed a resolution from Sens. John Kennedy (R-La.) and Chris Coons (D-Del.) designating Oct. 10-16 as National Wildlife Refuge Week. The resolution praises the benefits of national wildlife refuges and recognizes their role in promoting hunting, fishing and conservation.

“As a sportsman, I’m thankful for the role national refuges play in conserving Louisiana’s vibrant wildlife. Louisianians are natural stewards of the environment because we know how important our wetlands are for protecting our fish, waterfowl and other species. National Wildlife Refuge Week gives everyone a chance to highlight America’s natural beauty and how we can preserve it together,” said Kennedy. 

“The National Wildlife Refuge System is vital to the protection of American wildlife and recreation, and I am proud to highlight its importance by advancing this resolution with my friend and colleague, Senator Kennedy. In Delaware, Bombay Hook and Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuges are essential habitats for our wildlife and provide recreational opportunities for Delawareans across the state. I look forward to continuing to support and protect our rich and diverse public lands,” said Coons. 

The National Wildlife Refuge System generates more than $3.2 billion for local economies and supports 41,000 jobs.

Louisiana hunters have played an important part in conserving wetlands, establishing new wildlife habitats and increasing the duck population in the U.S.

Text of the resolution is available here