January 18, 2017 (Washington, D.C.)”U.S. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) was named Tuesday to three subcommittees of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

His assignments are:

  • Housing, Transportation and Community Development
  • Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection
  • Economic Policy

"These are important subcommittees that examine HUD, banks, flood insurance, disaster assistance and other issues important to Louisianians," said Sen. Kennedy. "I am eager to get to work."




The Honorable John Bel Edwards
State of Louisiana
P.O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

By email, fax, and U.S. mail

Dear Governor Edwards:
You have indicated that you plan to initiate a state-sponsored construction program, using American taxpayer money appropriated to Louisiana by Congress, to help Louisiana homeowners rebuild after the catastrophic flooding in March and August of last year.

I write to ask you to issue an executive order prohibiting all public officials, their immediate family members and companies in which these officials or their immediate family members have a five percent or more financial interest from receiving any contracts or subcontracts funded by public money for rebuilding flood-damaged structures. I do not believe that it is enough to simply prohibit entities in which public officials or their families have a controlling interest. True ethics standards mean tougher standards for our politicians and their families. They shouldn't profit from Louisianians' tragedy.

We owe it to the American people, Congress and ourselves to be good stewards of the taxpayer money received for rebuilding, particularly in light of our request for more funding.  For moral as well as practical reasons, Louisiana must have zero tolerance for the waste or theft of this money or the appearance of waste or theft.

Some may argue that disclosure of the contracts that would be prohibited by your executive order would be sufficient.  Disclosure, however, is not enough.  There still could be an appearance of impropriety to reasonable people.  Only prohibiting these contracts altogether will send the message that Louisiana will not tolerate corruption or cronyism, or any hint of them.

Appearances count.  For example, Louisiana law prohibits the state treasurer from playing the state lottery.  That law exists for one reason: to protect the state's integrity, which would be undermined by the appearance of impropriety, if the state treasurer won a jackpot.

Plato wrote that “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”  Maybe so.  But barring public officials, their relatives and their companies from receiving rebuilding contracts is not just an effective way to prevent corruption.  It's also a good way to show taxpayers that Louisiana is serious about its reputation.

Thank you for your time, Governor.


John Kennedy
United States Senator


Washington, D.C.”U.S. Senator John Kennedy today cosponsored a Senate resolution objecting to the passage of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, as well as all efforts that undermine direct, bilateral negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians for a secure and peaceful settlement.

Resolution 2334 criticized Israel for allowing Israeli citizens to live on West Bank land that Israel captured in the last war with Arabs.

“I'm proud to join a bipartisan group of Senators who are standing with Israel in the face of the misguided actions taken by the United Nations,” said Kennedy. “America must always stand with Israel when the United Nations and other entities actively work to set her back along with the Middle East peace process.”

The resolution:

  • Expresses grave objection to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016);
  • Calls for United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 to be repealed or fundamentally altered so that it is no longer one-sided and allows all final status issues toward a two-state solution to be resolved through direct bilateral negotiations between the parties;
  • Rejects efforts by outside bodies, including the United Nations Security Council, to impose solutions from the outside that set back the cause of peace;
  • Rejects any efforts by the United Nations, United Nations agencies, United Nations member states, and other international organizations to use United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 to further isolate Israel through economic or other boycotts or any other measures, and urges the United States Government to take action where needed to counter any attempts to use United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 to further isolate Israel;
  • Reaffirms that it is the policy of the United States to continue to seek a sustainable, just, and secure two-state solution to resolve the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians; and
  • Urges the incoming Administration to work with Congress to create conditions that facilitate the resumption of direct, bilateral negotiations without preconditions between Israelis and Palestinians with the goal of achieving a sustainable agreement that is acceptable to both sides