Press releases

LAFAYETTE, La. – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today spoke with the Kiwanis Club of Lafayette about inflation, the ongoing border crisis and immigration and crime rates.

“Louisianians are going broke at the pump and grocery store because of the Biden administration’s endless attacks on American energy and inflationary policies. They’re working harder for less while the border remains wide open,” said Kennedy.

In an effort to stop this historic inflation, Kennedy has voted against numerous spending bills from the Biden administration, including the $1.2 trillion misnamed “infrastructure” package, $1.9 trillion in additional COVID spending, $240 billion in a pet project that funded Big Tech semi-conductors and two massive government funding bills that totaled $3.2 trillion. Kennedy also opposed the misleadingly titled “Inflation Reduction Act” that could prove to have a price tag of $1.2 trillion.

Kennedy also penned an op-ed in The Daily Advertiser today outlining how the Biden administration’s failed immigration policies are harming Louisiana communities. According to one estimate, Kennedy wrote, Louisianians pay an additional $4,613 per migrant—a total of $604 million per year—in state taxes because of illegal immigration. Louisiana families are already paying an additional $765 per month because of inflation, so the $604 million taxpayers are investing in noncitizens who bypassed our legal immigration system is an additional yet unnecessary burden on the state.

In response to concerns about rising crime rates in Louisiana, Kennedy outlined the economic and public safety consequences that crime is having on the state and how officials should respond.