Press releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) today highlighted a number of wins for Louisianans in the appropriations package, including the passage of his proposal to increase the inspection of imported seafood by 26%.  Shrimpers and fishermen in Louisiana requested the increase to fight competition from foreign fishermen who are unfairly subsidized by their governments and sell contaminated seafood. 

“We know a significant portion of imported seafood is contaminated with banned drugs.  Yet we’re only testing a fraction of the seafood that comes into the U.S.  That’s about to change,” said Sen. Kennedy.  “Louisiana produces the best seafood in the world.  Our shrimpers and fishermen shouldn’t be put out of business by imported seafood that’s not fit for the dinner table.  We’re going to catch the cheaters and boost our Louisiana seafood industry.”

Other wins for Louisiana in the appropriations package include:


  • Investing $3.5 million to find out what’s killing the Roseau cane that protects Louisiana’s coast from storm surges and maintains navigational channels.
  • $42 million for the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, which supports wetlands conservation projects.
  • $68 million for the National Sea Grant Program, which is addressing coastal challenges in Louisiana.


  • $1.694 billion for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, ensuring that municipalities can tackle water infrastructure projects.
  • Supporting agricultural and forestry research at public universities.


  • Retaining 1,000 Louisiana jobs by keeping the National Finance Center in New Orleans.
  • Investing in a program that fosters quality ship construction.
  • $1.35 billion for the Orion Spacecraft, major parts of which are being built in Louisiana.
  • $18.6 million for cybersecurity education and training, which helps Louisiana’s Cyber Innovation Center.