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WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) urged Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards to fly the flags at state buildings in Louisiana at half-mast Friday to honor the late Rev. Billy Graham.  Below is the text of the letter sent to Gov. Edwards:

March 1, 2018


The Honorable John Bel Edwards


State of Louisiana

P.O. Box 94004

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

Dear Governor Edwards:

            The flags at federal government buildings will fly at half-mast Friday in honor of the late Rev. Billy Graham.  I respectfully request that the flags at state buildings in Louisiana also fly at half-mast Friday as the Rev. Graham is laid to rest in a coffin built by Louisiana inmates.

            I make this request not because the Rev. Graham was a man of faith, although he was a man of tremendous faith.  Rather, I make this request because the Rev. Graham was America’s conscience for generations of Americans and citizens of the world.  He broadened religious freedom across the globe, encouraged the integration of Little Rock Central High School and upheld America as a bastion of peace and democracy.  He was this nation’s greatest, unpaid ambassador.

So great was the Rev. Graham’s influence that he lied in honor this week in the U.S. Capitol.  He was one of only four private citizens given that great honor.  The last was civil rights leader Rosa Parks.

A fitting tribute would be to lower the state’s flags Friday in honor of this great American.

Thank you, Governor, for your consideration of this request.  



John Kennedy

                                                            United States Senator